DOD: Detection Of Deception
The science, art and skill of detecting untruthful utterances.

PDD : Psychological Detection Of Deception
Related to the science underpinning DOD

BFP : Biofeedback Polygraph
Conventional polygraph first devised circa 1925

VSA: Voice Stress Analysis
Manual systems. First devised circa 1965.

VP: Voice Polygraph
The evolution of outdated manual VSA. First devised in 2009, utilises neural network processing together with several automated features.

A person who administers DOD examinations. Must have a training certificate issued by an accredited institution or accredited Instructor.

BFP Instructor
A person who trains Examiners to conduct DOD examinations. Must have APA grade

Examiner certification and Polygraph mnfr accreditation to teach BFP methodologies.

VP Instructor
A person who trains Examiners to conduct DOD examinations using Voice technologies. Must have an Instructor training certificate issued by a technology mnfr, or an  internationally accredited training facility. Must have additional Examiner certification