Training & Workshops

Neither APA nor SAPAVSA recognises the EPA and it’s training criteria.
                              The EPA is not affiliated to the APA nor to SAPAVSA

If you would like more information or an in depth syllabus on any of the training courses below please click here to email SA PAVSA.

  • Voice Polygraph Examiner
  • Biofeedback Polygraph Examiner
  • SCAN: Statement Content Analysis
  • Truth Extraction: SCAN & Kinesics
  • DUALTECH™ Examiner

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INSTRUCTORSPrincipal Accredited Polygraph Instructor :

Clifton Coetzee 082 494 7777

  • Biofeedback Polygraph Systems
  • Accredited by Stoelting & Lafayette manufacturers.
  • Developer AVSAPRO Voice Polygraph systems
  • Author: Truth Extraction series. (2000, 2011, 2013)
  • FBI training academy Library under ref: HV8078.R98 2000 & UC  Berkeley Library Ref: H7R87 2000.